Bitstreamer's Skins

BitPad Skin for GigaBar

Screenshot with all icons showing

    I want it.

  1. Get BitPad 4-Icon Orange.gif (or see below for a different one if you have 5 icons & the clock) and save it on your desktop (right-click and choose Save As)
  2. Copy BitPad 4-Icon Orange.gif to the \Program Files\GigaBar\Skins folder on your device
  3. Tell GigaBar about the new skin: Functions / Internals / Refresh Giga
  4. Load the BitPad 4-Icon Orange skin: Functions / Internals / Skins / BitPad 4-Icon Orange
  5. You got it!

    Follow the same instructions for any of the skins below

Bitstreamer Scheme
If you'd like to have the same icon arrangement and functions that I've programmed into my device, grab Bitstreamer.gbh and put it in your device's \Program Files\GigaBar\Schemes folder. Activate the scheme with Functions / Internals / Schemes / Bitstreamer.
Remember to save your existing scheme first! (Functions / Internals / Save Scheme)

BitPad Skin
BitPad 4-Icon Orange.gif
BitPad 5-Icon Orange.gif
BitPad 4-Icon Blue.gif
BitPad 5-Icon Blue.gif
BitPad 4-Icon Gray.gif
BitPad 5-Icon Gray.gif
BitBar Skin
BitBar Orange.gif
BitBar Gray.gif
BitBar DkGray.gif
BitBar Blue.gif
BitMuch Skin
These are samples of just a few of the skins you could create by showing and
hiding a few layers in Photoshop, using the Skin Kit in the next section.
BitMuch1.gifTabbed look
BitMuch2.gifRounded sides
BitMuch3.gifBitBar w/ taskbar depression
BitMuch4.gifBitPad w/o taskbar depression
BitMuch5.gifBitBar w/ Neil's icons
BitMuch6.gifBitTab w/ random icons
BitMuch7.gifRounded sides, diff icons
BitMuch8.gifBitPad, diff icons
BitMuch9.gifFlat bar with raised buttons: GOOD!

Skin Kit: Make your own

After receiving a few requests for modifications to my skins, I've decided to release the Photoshop file I created, so you can customize it yourself or use it as a starting point for your own skin.

Get BitPadPublic.psd, the Photoshop file with all the goods.

You'll find shaded bar backgrounds, taskbar depressions of different sizes, lotsa icons, icon backgrounds (like the circles). Everything is on its own layer so it is completely modular. Use any combination of the elements or add your own to build a new skin.

I use Ulead SmartSaver Pro to convert from Photoshop PSD to GIF. Whatever you use, make sure that you create an undithered 256-color GIF for the best effect.

Credits and Contacts

Many, many thanks to Gene Knight for writing GigaBar, a massive improvement over anything that has come before. Thanks to Neil Faulkner for his inspiring skinning work and his permission to include his icons in the Skin Kit.

If you have any questions, problems or feedback, post them on the GigaBar Message Board (preferred) or contact me directly at bitstreamer @ -- Enjoy!