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GigaBar: It's What They Left Out!
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What? Ready: GigaBar V1.58!

New section! See Holgi's skins on the skins page!


Only a wee, little, tiny part of the screen that you see belongs to the GigaBar, up at the top. But that's the whole idea! There's more functionality buried in that little thing than you'd believe. Switch tasks, browse files, launch programs, the usual stuff. It's all in there, and a whole lot more! Two things are cool about the GigaBar. First, it's free! Second, it's not proprietary. Any developer can add to its functionality, to make all our lives easier. If you're new to the GigaBar, you must take the tour, and read Neil's helpful how-to.

The GigaBar download installs correctly to both the Pocket PC (Rapier) and to the older Palm Size PCs. No separate versions! Download now!

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